Silicon (Si) Multi Element Photodiode Arrays


OSI Optoelectronics’ multichannel arrays provide a low-cost alternative when multiple detectors are needed. Optimized for UV, visible, or near-IR wavelengths, our planar diffused silicon photodiodes in 16-, 35-, 38-, and 76-element arrays are ideal for multi-wavelength measurements, level metering, medical equipment, high-speed photometry, position sensing, and more.

Ultra-low electrical crosstalk and high uniformity between adjacent elements allows for high-precision measurements. Models are available for photoconductive mode (reverse biased) to decrease the response time, and photovoltaic mode (unbiased) for low drift applications; both modes offer superior performance. Ask about our innovative A2V-16 model which can be coupled to any scintillator crystal for measuring high-energy photons in the X-ray and gamma ray regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

For additional information on these photodiode arrays, download the available datasheets or check out the webpage.