Pharmaceutical Isolators And Barrier Systems For Aseptic Filling


Pharmaceutical Aseptic filling is all about product safety – and thus the separation of operators and pharmaceutical ingredients. Pharmaceutical Isolator technology helps to build this crucial barrier. However, isolators must be integrated properly into existing lines to reveal their full potential.

With over 40 years of US-based and 25 years of Europe-based experience in the design and manufacture of barrier systems, Syntegon has established a comprehensive portfolio, including open RABS, closed RABS, containment and isolator systems. All solutions are tailored to customer requirements, from machine design and development to on-site installation and validation.

Our barrier systems include open RABS, closed RABS, aseptic isolators, and containment systems. They all offer you maximum flexibility for a broad range of applications, protecting products and personnel in the best possible way. While our RABS enhance the quality of everyday multi-product manufacturing in existing cleanrooms, our isolators further boost the safety of filling lines for high potent medications. 


  • Safe filling of aseptic, BSL and highly potent products
  • Qualification and validation support including cycle development
  • Intensive research for RABS, isolator and related barrier technologies

Pharmaceutical isolators and production equipment form complex systems that need to function reliably. We focus on each component to make sure it seamlessly interacts with each other: safe interfaces between filling machines, isolators and subsequent systems, e.g., freeze-dryers or capping machines are a top priority. We not only combine machines from a single source; we also take care of the entire implementation, from concept planning to the installation of your isolator project.

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