Pharmaceutical Dust Containment

Nilfisk Pharmaceutical Dust Containment

The recovery of pharmaceutical active compounds requires special devices and features to protect the operator from contact. Nilfisk has designed a high containment filter unit (up to OEB5) for this application.

Total safety

  • Containment level up to OEB5
  • HEPA14 absolute filtration
  • Safe replacement of filters and disposal of collected material
  • Wash in place to deactivate dust into the unit
  • Validation of the unit before installation
  • Suitable for combustible dust

GMP conformity

  • Easy to clean and sanitize. Validation of the washing and cleaning processes before installation.
  • Complete disconnection of the filter unit from the vacuum line at the end of the operation to avoid cross contamination.


  • 24/7 operating machines
  • High-capacity container
  • Devices to detect the status of the filters and machine performances
  • Ease of use
  • Easy replacement of the filters and consumable parts
  • Risk of mistakes reduced to a minimum