Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Pipe Insulation For Aseptic Manufacturing: T-FIT® Hygiene

t-fit hygiene

Pipe insultation tailored for aseptic areas in FMCG applications, especially food and beverage, dairy and personal care which require pipe insulation that is suitable for both chilled and hot processing applications.

  • Wide operating temperature range (-80oC to +145oC)
  • Easy to clean
  • Withstands continuous temperature fluctuations
  • Produced using FDA-compliant resin
  • Hydrophobic, bacteria-resistant (ASTM G21-15 certified)
  • Resistant to most chemicals
  • Excellent flammability credentials
  • UV-resistant insulation

T-FIT Insulation is the leading high-quality, high-performance, long-lasting pipe insulation solution for cleanrooms, aseptic areas and high-temperature processing environments. Manufactured from fine, pure, closed-cell foams each product in the T-FIT range targets the specific production challenges of each production application.