News | February 14, 2017

PatientKeeper Offers Sneak Peek Of ‘Innovation Platform' That Transforms I.T.'s Role In Patient Care

At HIMSS17, PatientKeeper will highlight a new paradigm for supporting the physician workflow with a set of tools and user experience tailored to the physician specialty and the patient situation

PatientKeeper, Inc. is working to transform healthcare IT into an accelerator of effective inpatient care rather than the encumbrance that many physicians view their EHRs as recently. At HIMSS 2017, the company will preview its new health IT “innovation platform,” which is intended to advance the use of computers by physicians and care teams, and make them indispensable tools for 21st century clinical care.

PatientKeeper’s new platform integrates third-party apps and data from multiple EHRs, embeds advanced clinical decision support (CDS) capabilities in a truly useful way, and provides an individualized experience for each user. It will offer:

  • An adaptive user experience: A user interface that adapts to the provider’s specialty and the current patient situation highlighting the most actionable information for each provider;
  • Predictive analytics: Use of big data analytics to provide predictive indicators to caregivers, allowing more timely and effective intervention; and
  • Open integration: The ability to integrate with any EHR, incorporate clinically relevant third-party apps, and allow for enhanced care coordination and collaboration among members of a patient’s care team, including referring physicians, PCPs, and consultants outside of the hospital.

“The healthcare industry is changing faster than ever before, so it is critical that I.T. becomes a catalyst for clinical progress, rather than a hindrance to provider productivity,” said Paul Brient, CEO of PatientKeeper. “The move from paper to electronic health records was table stakes, and today’s EHRs are stuck in a first-generation attempt to automate workflows. The focus must now shift to making computers invaluable to all who provide clinical care and to future-proof those systems so that new capabilities can be integrated into providers’ workflow painlessly.”

At HIMSS17, PatientKeeper will illustrate the capabilities and versatility of its innovation platform through a range of demonstrations. For example, to illustrate predictive analytics, PatientKeeper will demonstrate a sepsis alerting and prevention application developed in collaboration with HCA. In addition to presenting an indicator, PatientKeeper makes the information actionable – a physician can click the indicator to show additional relevant clinical information and place necessary orders. PatientKeeper also will demonstrate an integration with National Decision Support that allows a physician to search for a condition, instead of a specific order, and have the system present to the physician a list of possible orders to place, along with details about which would be most appropriate and why.

The platform’s adaptive user experience will be showcased through a range of custom dashboards. Dashboards can be configured for various specialties – hospitalist, intensivist, and OB – and patient conditions, such as diabetic or labor and delivery. Dashboards are completely customizable based on role, specialty, or even user, and may have different information, layouts, and available options, depending on what is important for the clinician to see and access in order to care for their patients. Dashboards can also adapt to workflows, such as pre-rounding vs. discharge, to show different types of information most important for the situation. Condition-specific dashboards contain curated information about the patient’s condition, enabling a physician to see everything that is relevant in one place without having to search through reams of data.

PatientKeeper will be exhibiting at the HIMSS17 conference in Orlando, Florida, February 20 -22, at booth #2333.

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