Package Design Software For Food & Beverage Manufacturing

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Packaging is a brand’s best marketing vehicle, but it also has to perform under daily use. Designers must deal with environmental compliance, faster product cycles due to social media, and new levels of mechanical stress with online commerce on the rise. Our suite of package design and visualization capabilities enables designers to create consumer-preferred packages with structural integrity and the assurance of efficient and effective manufacture worldwide.

Package design trends always have been difficult to follow. Social media has caused the task to become even more challenging. Customers demand packaging that it visually appealing, but also that defines its composition and environmental impact. Online commerce is adds another level of difficulty, with direct delivery to customer rather than retailer.

Package design must use the optimum amount of material, leverage modern manufacturing possibilities, and offer ways to completely trace all substances used.

Best practice identifies a combination of many technologies provided in a single platform: modern design capabilities to achieve aesthetic, feature libraries to speed up the design process, simulation capabilities to handle forces and applied stresses, and best-in class visualization capabilities to avoid the need for physical prototypes.

A foundation for all of this is a collaboration platform that allows product designers to share designs and data with peers, management and suppliers.

Our solution offers a fully integrated tool suite that enables rapid development of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, from initial concept to detail package, including full associativity between product and production equipment.