News | April 29, 2020

Orbis Technologies, Inc. Awarded Patent For Adaptive Redaction And Data Releasability Systems

Automating the redaction of enterprise data and metadata to improve security and expedite workflows

Annapolis, MD /PRNewswire/ - Orbis Technologies, Inc., a global leader in providing enterprise content management (ECM) and highly specialized cloud analytics software, announced this week the issuance of a new patent entitled, "Adaptive Redaction and Data Releasability Systems Using Dynamic Parameters and User Defined Rule Sets" (US 2020/0110902 A1).

This patent addresses methods to automate the redaction process without having to alter any underlying source code. Users can modify rules, remove them, or create templates for governing the redaction of data and metadata of source artifacts.

"With more data being stored and shared online, protecting, and preserving high-value content is critical for any organization. Clients who use our redaction software save thousands of hours in content preparation time. This is done because our software eliminates the task of writing code and manual redaction. Our patent allows anyone to use our software to redact content which makes sharing content securely easier than ever before," says Brian Ippolito, President & CEO of Orbis Technologies, Inc.

Our automated approach enables organizations to save time, money effectively, and improve the security of their high-value content. As a leader in component ECM, Orbis is committed to developing innovative solutions to improving and simplifying processes for enterprises.

Since 2014 Orbis has received a total of 11 U.S. patents in various content management technology components such as Big Data, semantic search, and content correlation.

About Orbis Technologies, Inc.
Orbis Technologies, Inc. is an established global leader in delivering innovative technology to companies ranging from Fortune 50 to the U.S. Federal Government. Orbis specializes in semantic-driven enterprise content management (ECM) and cloud analytics software. Their elite team of subject-matter experts helps clients assess, optimize, and transform their digital content platforms. Orbis is headquartered in Annapolis (MD) with offices in Audubon (PA), and Orlando (FL) with subsidiaries in Chennai, India, and Sydney, Australia. To learn more about Orbis Technologies, Inc., visit

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