News | September 30, 2019

OPEX Releases A New Family Of Document Scanners

OPEX Corporation announced today the addition of five scanners to the Falcon series of scanners.

The Falcon+ family is built upon the legendary platform of OPEX’s Falcon series of scanners. The Falcon+ scanners are fully equipped to conquer the most difficult workflow challenges. They feature improved user ergonomics, seven standard Multi-Feed Detectors (MFDs), imagers capable of capturing at 600dpi, a Thickness Measuring Device (TMD) override switch that, when applied, creates an open paper path for both thick and delicate items, and much more! The Falcon+ and Falcon+ RED models are all pre-loaded with the latest version of OPEX software, CertainScan 5.0.

The Falcon+ RED family offers a complete digital mailroom solution in a single unit. Integrated with OPEX’s state-of-the-art mail opener and extractor, the Model 72, the Falcon+ RED models are designed to handle a wide range of mail sizes and thicknesses. Utilizing the same advancements found in the Falcon+ models, the Falcon+ REDs are equipped to digitize the mailroom.

“The new Falcon+ scanners keep OPEX at the forefront of the digital revolution, optimizing efficiency for a wide range of industries and challenges. Our versatile feed and sorting system, capable of scanning wide ranges of media without document prep, has truly revolutionized the scanning process. A rich complement of software tools, work with Falcon+ to allow you to fully transform digital challenges into reliable, consistent workflows,” said Alex Duncan, Marketing Coordinator at OPEX.

The FalconV+ will be representing the Falcon+ family of scanners for their first public debut at the ARMA International Conference in Nashville, TN, October 21st - 23rd.

Source: OPEX Corporation