OPEX FalconV Universal Document Scanning Workstations

Source: OPEX Corporation
OPEX FalconV Universal Document Scanning Workstations

OPEX’s innovative one-step scanning process continues with FalconV ™ . With two additional sort bins and enhanced multi-feed detection, FalconV increases the functionality and flexibility of its universal document scanning workstations. FalconV combines the performance of a high-capacity production scanner with OPEX’s unique prep-reducing process. From Document Conversion Services to Remittance Processing to Digital Mail Centers, FalconV is designed to attack the most difficult and daunting workflow challenges.


Falcon allows operators to prep and scan documents faster than traditionally separate “prep then scan” processes, which significantly reduces labor costs. FalconV can process everything from single sheets to multiple stacks of documents, from thick paper to onion skin and fragile or damaged pieces. From envelopes and file folders to receipts and small forms, odd-shaped pages, business cards and from X-rays to three-dimensional objects – nearly any style or type of document can be scanned!