Case Study

A More Cost-Effective And Efficient Alternative To Lockbox Data Entry Shows ROI In Less Than 12 Months

Source: A2iA Corporation

For more than 10 years, A2iA, Artificial Intelligence and Image Analysis, and Open Scan Technologies, Inc., have partnered to deliver a best-in-breed solution to the distributed payment and receivables market within the United States and Canada. Nadine Lange, President of OPEN SCAN, explains, “Partnering with A2iA was easy from the beginning. A2iA was willing to work with OPEN SCAN to meet our technology requirements, and today, the two organizations have a solid, quality relationship.”

Seamlessly integrated into OPEN SCAN Corporate A/R product, an accounts receivable (A/R) process management solution that combines electronic check deposit, remittance processing, forms processing and cash application, A2iA CheckReader™, a comprehensive check-image processing toolkit, is designed specifically for organizations that process business-to-business (B2B) wholesale payments. The resulting solution is proven to automate the reconciliation and cash-application process, and is not only suitable for the commercial market, but can even be well-matched for the government space.

OPEN SCAN Corporate A/R with A2iA CheckReader typically provides an ROI in less than 12-months and offers a more cost-effective and efficient alternative to lockbox data entry.

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