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OneLife Technologies Corp. Outlines Mission To Bring Mobile Medical Data Innovations To Global Healthcare Sector

Rolling Meadows, IL (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - OneLife Technologies Corp. (“OneLife” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: OLMM), a mobile medical data and technologies company, today provided this outline regarding its mission and business strategy.

OneLife Technologies Corp. is a mobile medical software/data collection company with a suite of proprietary, patented, medical grade tracking technologies designed to provide patients, physicians, nursing homes, and hospitals with real-time centralized, personal, comprehensive health data and monitoring. The system and devices will be FDA approved, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) compliant, and utilize an open application programming interface (API) for easy data communication and integration to any existing system.

Robert J. Wagner, CEO of OneLife, commented, “The global healthcare market is ripe for disruption on many fronts. Despite the availability of newer more capable technologies, the sector is rife with inefficient processes utilizing obsolete systems that do not integrate or communicate with each other. This has led to staggering healthcare cost increases and enormous financial waste. With an aging worldwide population, this is quickly becoming a global crisis. OneLife technology has been proven effective at solving several of these issues.”

OneLife technology was developed to provide users (usually 55+ years old and suffering from a medical condition) with constant 24/7 monitoring by their physician and loved ones. OneLife’s fully-functional medical grade wearable device is specifically designed for the healthcare market and attractively priced for maximum affordability and cost-effectiveness. OneLife system upgrades also include a mobile health kit designed to take more advanced vitals readings.

OneLife’s suite of proprietary medical/health software and data collection technologies are supported through a personal health data account that can centralize a user’s health records and an application management system that link the technology at the hospital/physician level. Proprietary artificial intelligence software also acts as a personal healthcare consultant to detect developing health issues.

Robert Wagner concluded, “With a North American product launch planned in the coming months, including a new cutting-edge version of the hardware, we are very excited to offer a seamless monitoring solution that will help patients achieve better medical outcomes and improved quality of life, while also satisfying an insurance company’s desire to decrease patient time spent in a hospital, decrease readmissions and dramatically decrease cost of care. Because of this win-win scenario, the potential to quickly achieve growth and momentum in the enormous US healthcare system is excellent. I look forward to announcing our official product launch and first installations very soon.”

OneLife has strategic partnerships in place to provide a complete turnkey system. The technology has been successfully deployed in China for the past three years where it has been implemented in 100 hospitals and has won the 2016 Ministry of Science and Technology “National Hi-Tech Enterprises Award”. In addition to the North American market, OneLife is pursuing opportunities in India, Africa, and South America, and developing criteria for monitoring clinical studies with hospitals/clinics in Michigan, Georgia and Florida.

About OneLife Technologies Corp.
OneLife Technologies Corp. (OTC Pink: OLMM), is a mobile medical software/data collection company with a suite of proprietary, patented, medical grade wearable tracking technologies designed to provide patients, physicians, nursing homes, and hospitals with 24/7 real-time centralized, personal, comprehensive health data. The Company files periodic reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which can be viewed at

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