NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5731 CO2 Incubator

NuAire In-VitroCell™ ES Model NU-5731

Model NU-5731 is a direct heat CO2 incubator offering 5.65 cubic feet (160 Liters) of useable growth space. Featuring an Oxygen control system, In-VitroCell NU-5731 uses nitrogen to suppress Oxygen levels in the growth chamber making it the perfect benchtop or floor standing solution for age-related studies.

Labs and research facilities seeking a small, efficient and highly reliable direct-heat CO2 incubator will find everything they need in the In-VitroCell™ CO2 incubator model NU-5731. This incubator creates a clean-air hypoxic environment by injecting nitrogen into the growth chamber, which suppresses oxygen. This makes the NU-5731 a perfect unit for age-related research and studies.

Constant Contamination Control

Closed-Loop HEPA Filtration

Using the rigorous standards of an ISO Class 5 clean room as a model, this CO2 incubator holds chamber conditions using slight positive pressure, preventing contaminated room air from invading the growth chamber. The use of a continuously running air pump pulls a chamber sample, then circulates it through the 99.99 percent efficient HEPA filter, where it is passed through sensors that take measurements of the CO2 and Oxygen levels (percentages), allowing accurate chamber monitoring. The system will make automatic adjustments if needed by injecting CO2, Nitrogen, or air to meet setpoint. Gas and air will pass through 99.99% HEPA filters before entering the growth chamber.

Coved Interior Corners and Superior Sterilization

Rounded, crevice-free corners within the growth chamber eliminate hidden contaminants. Sterility of the chamber can be maintained by using one of two sterilization cycles (running at 95° C humidified or 145° C dry).


NuTouch Electronic Control System (ECS)

The 5x7-inch 127x178 mm color touch screen makes viewing control system parameters comfortable and convenient. The user-friendly interface, also available in English, Spanish, French and German, allows system parameter control with the touch of a finger. Updating set points and accessing data such as carbon dioxide levels or temperature history graphs are straightforward. A USB port allows for the downloading of data. Any tasks the unit is performing, such as making chamber adjustments, sampling air or idling in standby mode, is displayed clearly on the screen.

Sensitivity and Accuracy of Gas Control

The accuracy of gas control is at the forefront of all NuAire's direct-heat CO2 incubators. The clean-air hypoxic environment is maintained through injection of nitrogen into the chamber, suppressing oxygen levels and meeting set points within a range of 0.5-21 percent, accurate with ±0.25 percent. A single-source dual-wave infrared (IR) sensor within the incubator's sensor bay maintains proper gas levels by monitoring and adjusting CO2 concentrations in the chamber.


Temperature Uniformity

Temperature control and uniformity are key in growing successful samples. NuAire's direct-heat CO2 incubators feature highly reliable foil heating elements that are wrapped in R5 insulation. These elements surround the growth chamber, creating an evenly dispersed source of heat. The dual temperature sensor probes regularly relay chamber temperature data to the ECS, automatically making any needed adjustments. The NU-5731 maintains a uniform chamber temperature accurate to within ±0.3° C.

Heat, CO2 and O2 Recovery

The NU-5731 is incredibly efficient at heat and gas recovery after door openings, with some of the fastest and most effective times in the industry.

Humidity Levels

A relative humidity level up to 95 percent is achieved in the chamber via a stainless steel pan filled with distilled or mineral-free water and located in the bottom of the chamber.