White Paper

New EH&E White Paper Evaluates Web-based Environmental Health & Safety Training For Laboratory Applications

Newton, MA - A new free white paper entitled "The Role of Web-based Health and Safety Training in Laboratory Facilities," is available to help companies, institutions, and universities evaluate the efficacy of using web-based environmental health and safety (EH&S) training to meet their compliance requirements.

Employee health and safety training is an essential part of meeting U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety Health Administration compliance requirements. In a laboratory facility, it is especially important to maintain a safe workplace for all employees.

The white paper illustrates the benefits and limitations of web based training in the laboratory environment. The white paper is authored by environmental health & safety engineers at EH&E, a leading provider of health & safety and engineering consulting solutions for critical environments.

"Maintaining the specialized health and safety training program necessary for a laboratory facility has a number of challenges, and one of them is providing timely and relevant training to employees to meet regulatory requirements and to ensure their safety at all times. Our employees are continually searching for ways to improve both the materials and delivery efficiency of the training programs we provide to our clients," said Jack McCarthy, President and co-founder of EH&E.

To illustrate the practical application of web-based training programs in the laboratory setting, this white paper reviews three case studies that describe how web training has been applied. The paper will be interesting and informative to all those responsible for maintaining an EH&S compliance program involving laboratories.