News | February 25, 2021

New Drug Research Contract Signed With Seoul National University Biotechnology Research Institute

Expectations to develop new biologics for diabetes, dementia, and obesity using artificial intelligence (AI) and big data

On the 25th, Wooridul Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CEO Hye-yeon Kim, Hee-deok Park) and Seoul National University Biotechnology Research Institute (Director Kim Byeong-ki) signed a'Joint Research Agreement for Biologic New Drug Development Using AI and Big Data' Revealed.

Wooridul Pharmaceutical and Seoul National University Biotechnology Joint Research Institute have started two research projects according to the contract. The tasks are'Development of disease treatment through big data analysis' and'Development of disease treatment target prediction system using big data and deep learning'.

This task aims to develop a new drug using artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis method possessed by Seoul National University Biotechnology Research Institute. In particular, it plans to collect and analyze various medical big data of patients suffering from intractable diseases such as diabetes and dementia and frequent diseases, and actively utilize literature review using artificial intelligence.

The Seoul National University Biotechnology Research Institute is a cooperative community between industries, universities, hospitals, and research institutes using bio-convergence technology, and has an efficient and systematic research and development method. Accordingly, it is evaluated that the cost and period incurred in the development and research process of various new bio drugs can be drastically reduced by incorporating precision medical technology.

"Data is clearly changing the paradigm of biomedical science," said Kim Byung-ki, director of the joint research institute for biotechnology at Seoul National University. "In terms of prognosis and survival of patients, we find the most suitable regulators and predict key mechanisms, and based on this, It was expected that Korean precision medicine could be accelerated.”

Wooridul Pharmaceutical said, “We are very pleased to lead the MOU signed in December of last year to the main contract and to derive a research project.” “Through joint research with the Joint Research Institute for Biotechnology, Seoul National University We will do our best to develop new bio drugs in a new way.”

Meanwhile, Wooridul Pharmaceutical has established the'New Bio Drug Promotion Team using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data' to make a leap forward as a bio company, and is striving for related research.

Source: Wooridul Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.