News | July 27, 2020

New Bunkers In Carrot Processing Line

No fewer than 14 trucks loaded with equipment hit the road from Emmeloord to Laarakker Groenteverwerking in Well (Netherlands) this spring. This specialist in the growing, processing and sale of an extensive range of vegetables for the frozen/canned food industry has opted for new bunkers in their existing carrot processing line.

The existing bunker installation has been replaced by an impressive new stainless steel bunker installation for carrot processing. The washed and graded carrots from the company’s own in-house washing facility are conveyed from the 8 new stainless steel bunkers to a loading station where they are put on trucks for transport to the packers. The bunkers were tailor-made to fit within the existing building. This was truly a precision job, because multiple manoeuvring was required, with precious little space between the tilted bunker filling belts and the roof rafters.

This comprehensive project consisted of the following components:

  • Eight bunkers, including belts
  • Transport conveyors, including tilted bunker-filling belts, feed belts and trough belts
  • Various fall breakers.

Source: Tolsma-Grisnich