News | August 10, 2017

Neocol Is Bringing Cloud-Based Content Services Together To Help Clients Better Service Customers At A Lower Cost

Neocol recently announces partnerships, solutions templates and accelerators and a means of taking the risk out of helping any sized organization better go through their own digital process transformation. With a 15 year history in enterprise content management (ECM), Neocol brings that understanding and critical success factors to help organizations take advantage of new content services, platforms and components. Traditional ECM focused on bringing a complex stack of technology and capabilities focusing on taking paper out of the organization, automating work and better complying to laws, regulations and legal actions. The sum of the piece parts required significant internal resources and a high cost and risk with 75% of all installs failing or never realizing their potential (footnote 1). The amount of R/D investment in new cloud-based offerings, the continued reduction in the cost of computing components (CPU, memory, storage and network) and the advancing of modern integration capabilities has hit the inflection point. There is a new level of flexibility and access like never before to organizations to better empower their work processes and the applicable documents.

"As a longtime information management veteran and having spent 30 years working for organizations like Informix, FileNet, IBM, Mediabeacon and most recently EMC Documentum organizations cannot justify these big-iron purchases from the legacy vendors," states Tom Rieger, Vice President of Strategy at Neocol. "I was one of the first to say 'BULL' to Gartner when they stated that 'Death of ECM and Birth of Content Services' (footnote 2). But after further research and reviewing the art-of-the-possible with a new set of organizations and capabilities, a need to foster and accept cloud-based services really do help any organization transform into better servicing their customers and with a nimbler set of capabilities – all while lowered cost and risk".

The list of editorials grow in reaffirming the shift for Neocol.

  • "You Can't Talk Future of ECM Without Cloud Content Services" – Laurence Hart, July 7, 2017 (Footnote 3)
  • "Stop Worrying About ECM Vendors: It's All About Your Approach" – Dr Joe Shepley, June 27, 2017 (Footnote 4)
  • "Forrester's ECM Wave Falls Flat" – Dr Joe Shepley, May 4, 2017 (Footnote 5)
  • "Questions and answers about Content Services – an Obituary" – Hanns Koehler-Kruener, April 11, 2017 (Footnote 6)
  • To best understand this transforming taking place in the market, Neocol is bringing together research and a growing list of formal partnerships with organizations to help make it easy for any organization to consider cloud-based content management. Beginning August 10th through September 1st , Neocol is partnering with Doculabs to research the market to best evaluate the needs and current state of that which we call 'Digital Transformation' (Footnote 7)

A list of formal partnerships is being announced and will include an evolving set of content services and capabilities. The list includes:

  • Box and their cloud content management solution (footnote 8)
  • Workato and their cloud-based process management and orchestration capabilities
  • Ephesoft and their cloud-based capture-as-a-service for paper, faxes, email attachments and web attachments (footnote 9)
  • Skysync and their cloud-based heterogenous content repository replication and migration technology
  • Okta to enable cloud-based user provisioning and single sign-on
  • IBM and their Bluemix cloud offerings

More can be reviewed at

"Organizations have expectations now that require cloud options. What makes this especially exciting is how we can do prototypes for clients in days and show them what is possible." states Ryan Lott, CEO of Neocol. "The most compelling is when clients understand how easy and inexpensive getting this going is to their budgets. How they only pay for what they use and the elasticity of the cloud allows the solution to adjust to their business needs."

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Neocol is a leading system architect and integrator of cloud-centric content solutions to innovate new ways to work with over 15 years of enterprise expertise solving the biggest problems. The company offers a diverse array of capabilities to bring about a transformative view in how cloud-centric services and Box Platform can better engage customers, minimize IT cost and maintain content compliance. Using the newest born-in-the-cloud content services examples include client portals, digital intake centers, case management and 360-degree customer views are possible while maximizing the use of existing systems and processes. For more information, visit


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