MVpulse: An Eye on Safety - Laser Protection Class 2 Eye Safety And High Energy Output In One Laser


FLEXPOINT MVpulse laser module combines two criteria of machine vision: Bright light with output powers up to 100 mW and class 2 eye safety. High output and high contrast images allow for detailed processing. Bright light only needs to be available when the camera takes an image. The electronics match acquisition frequency and illumination pulses to each other, enable high output powers without the use of complex protective measures.

In industrial image processing “more light” means faster shutter times and shorter process times, with the ability to capture more images evaluated per second. Most systems must meet laser class 2 requirements to protect employees’ health. FLEXPOINT MVpulse line laser modules have combined both requirements. The continuous-wave laser beam is pulsed by an integrated microcontroller in such a way that each pulse is up to five times stronger than in CW operation. Measured along a defined pulse sequence, the module meets the requirements of laser class 1 or 2.

An electronic system developed by LASER COMPONENTS, monitors the control signals of the application, allowing the light to always be available when needed for the application. At the same time, the energy and duration of the individual pulses can be adjusted in such a way that laser protection requirements are always be met. The FLEXPOINT MVpulse is available for the wavelengths 640 nm, 660 nm, and 780 nm and delivers output powers of 10 mW to 100 mW at pulse lengths between 15 ms and 0.38ms.

Download the datasheet for more in-depth information.