Case Study

Movable Ink Deploys 12-Touch Drip Campaign Powered By Touchpoints

Movable Ink


Movable Ink works with email marketers to increase their ROI by sending better email through dynamic and contextually relevant content.


Tired of juggling, Movable Ink looks for one-stop shop

As a provider of real-time responsive and relevant emails, Movable Ink wanted to deliver a similarly personalized experience to prospects. The sales team needed a nurturing sequence that was seamless to create in Gmail and tailored to each recipient.

“We started going after a select number of organizations that were either net new or older prospects that needed nurturing,” said Bryan Vaughan, BDR & SDR Manager at Movable Ink. “And we were trying to do it through a combination of different tools. It was just too much.”

Sales campaigns and follow-ups lived in a separate app from where reps were spending the majority of their day. Movable Ink was tired of piecing capabilities together and jumping from one tool to the other. They were ready for a platform that sewed it all together while adding more advanced features.

“We knew we could boost our efficiency even further by having outreach and to-do's all in one place - easy to reference and act upon," explained Vaughan.

Enter, Touchpoints.


Yesware’s Touchpoints “surpassed what was being provided”

Vaughan says he was immediately impressed when he was introduced to Touchpoints. “As soon as I saw Yesware’s initial capabilities, I realized it surpassed what was being provided to us through a combination of other sales enablement apps,” says Vaughan. “Here we were piecemealing platforms, and Yesware completely maxed that out — especially with Touchpoints.”

The sales leadership team recognized that Touchpoints aligned with Movable Ink’s new goal to build out a longer, multi-channel touch plan for reps. One that showed prospects a hyper-personalized experience, but was easy to implement and organize, and was scalable for reps.


Automation, organization, and improved efficiencies from start to finish

Movable Ink reps got up and running with Touchpoints in under a day. They were immediately impressed by the fact that they could add prospects to campaigns directly from Salesforce. The convenience of tasks bumping up as they needed attention, right within their inbox, also got a thumbs up.

Sales reps use Touchpoints to organize and execute 12-touch sales campaigns for each prospect across a 15-day period. One campaign goes beyond email with social, calls, and direct mail touches that create a real one-to-one connection with each prospect. It also helps BDRs and sales managers coordinate efforts.

This campaign has seen a 3x lift in conversion rates compared to previous prospecting efforts.

From users to sales leaders like Bryan, there was quickly a nod of approval at Touchpoints’ affect on the team’s sales process. Reps can now easily keep track of who they are talking to, see email engagement right when they need to follow up, and dial calls in just a click and quickly log notes — all right from Gmail.

“Reps are cutting out one-third of the time that it took them previously,” Vaughan explained. No more toggling back and forth between applications, or tracking on their own.

Here are the Touchpoints features reps love most:

  • Salesforce sync for rep activities and prospect engagement
  • Gmail sidebar manages to-do’s
  • Ability to edit Salesforce right from Gmail
  • Click-to-Call
  • Drop-down fields to quickly customize messaging in email templates
  • Custom fields to personalize messaging to industry (i.e. retail, travel, etc.) and title (i.e. VP Marketing, Email Marketing Manager, etc.)

“We couldn’t do what we’re doing now without Touchpoints,” states Vaughan. “It streamlines our process to a whole new degree we haven’t seen before, and it allows our reps to ultimately spend more time being creative and trying different strategies."