News | July 13, 2021

ModuleWorks, Sandvik Coromant And HCL Technologies Collaborate On PrimeTurning

The heterogenous partnership produces a commercial implementation of a new turning technology

A collaboration between CAM software component provider ModuleWorks, machining solutions and tool manufacturer Sandvik Coromant, and HCL Technologies, producer of CAMWorks, has produced one of the first commercial implementations of the new PrimeTurning methodology in a CAM system.

Invented and patented by Sandvik Coromant, the PrimeTurning methodology increases machining efficiency by offering turning in all directions. Sandvik Coromant worked together with ModuleWorks to implement the PrimeTurning method as a software solution that can be integrated into any CAM system. With support from ModuleWorks, HCL Technologies has now integrated this solution into CAMWorks to offer PrimeTurning as a native CAM strategy for improving efficiency and job-throughput in machine shops.

The PrimeTurning method enables CAMWorks to achieve faster material removal rates and higher productivity than conventional turning methods. ModuleWorks also developed optimized G-code generation for the PrimeTurning method with versatile parameterization for simplified CAM programming. Integrated into CAMWorks, this delivers fast and flexible job setup for the diverse range of CoroTurn Prime turning tools to further increase productivity.

“This three-way collaboration is an excellent example of how Industry 4.0 encourages heterogenous partnerships for developing new, innovative manufacturing solutions. We look forward to a continued cooperation and further advances in the technology”.
Julia Meyer-Hendricks, Senior Key-Account Manager at ModuleWorks

“ModuleWorks has the experts and resources that enabled us to turn the revolutionary PrimeTurning method into a software solution for the CAM market. It’s great to see HCL implementing this technology in CAMWorks. These types of collaborative efforts are exactly what the industry needs to ensure continued ingenuity that enhances the productivity and quality of automated manufacturing.”
Marko Stugbäck, Product Manager at Sandvik Coromant

Source: ModuleWorks