Microwave Cable Assemblies: SUCOFLEX® 118

Microwave Cable Assemblies: SUCOFLEX® 118

HUBER+SUHNER offers the SUCOFLEX® 118 microwave cable assemblies designed with improved and newly patented inner conductor construction. This cable assembly combines the low loss, VSWR, and CW power handling of the SUCOFLEX 106 with the phase stability and flexibility of SUCOFLEX 106 P.

The SUCOFLEX 118 operates up through 18 GHz and is ideal where low loss must be joined with phase- and amplitude stability. The assembly includes a wide range of available connectors, crush resistant ruggedization, and an LSFH jacket.

Key SUCOFLEX 118 features include:

  • Precise measurements with highest stability
  • Higher signal integrity due to lower loss
  • Better phase stability and superior return loss
  • Excellent performance to price ratio

For more information on the SUCOFLEX 118, download the brochure (page 38).