maxon EC Brushless Motors

Maxon EC Motors

The maxon EC brushless motors are manufactured with maxon’s patented ironless winding system, with three phases in the stator for block, sensorless block, or sinusoidal commutation. These motors offer long service life, high efficiency, excellent control properties from linear motor characteristics, as well as the lowest electrical time constant and low inductance. The EC motors also deliver good heat dissipation, high overload capacity, rotating NdFeB magnets (1 or 2 pole pairs), and no detent.

When used for block commutation, the rotor position is governed by three in-built Hall sensors that are arranged offset by 120° to provide six different signal combinations per revolution. Possible applications for this type of operation include highly dynamic servo drives, start/stop operation, and positioning tasks. In sensorless block commutation, the rotor position is determined through the progression of the induced voltage. This operation makes the EC motors ideal for applications requiring continuous operation at high speed, such as in fans. In sinusoidal commutation, high resolution signals from the encoder or resolver are used for generating sine-shape motor currents in electronic, making these motors optimal for highly dynamic servo drives and positioning tasks.

Available program ranges of EC motors include:

  • maxon ECX motors
  • maxon EC motors
  • maxon EC-max motors
  • maxon EC-4pole motors

For more in-depth information on the various types of EC motors, download the catalog above. EC motors are featured on page 40.