News | February 2, 2016

Mavro Imaging Integrates Patented Smart Track™ Technology Into Its MavBridge™ Lockbox Solution

Mavro Imaging

Smart Track™ simplifies and ensures lockbox document management compliance

Westampton, NJ – February 2, 2016

Mavro Imaging, a leading provider of lockbox payment processing, data capture, and document management solutions, announces that an enhanced version of its patented Smart Track™ technology has been integrated into MavBridge™ for Lockbox, a comprehensive solution for optimal processing of diverse payment types across all retail, wholesale, and consolidated lockbox operations.

Available only from Mavro, Smart Track™ ensures all transactions are processed on time and all physical documents are either stored, shredded, or returned as directed by lockbox clients. In addition, Smart Track™ simplifies the mail out process while making certain that all documents are sent to the correct clients. As a result, overall processing quality is significantly increased and the chance of a PCI or HIPAA violation is minimized.

“Controlling the flow of physical documents can be extremely challenging for lockbox operations,” said George Hayduchok, Mavro President. “Smart Track™ is an essential component for any lockbox serious about document management compliance. Coupled with Mavro’s advanced lockbox solution, our customers achieve the highest processing quality and throughput.”

With MavBridge™ for Lockbox, all payment types, including singles, multis, check only, late pays, partial pays, and correspondence, along with any other non-standard transactions, are handled together in a streamlined, image-based workflow. And with the Connect™ Web Portal, system users and lockbox clients can easily search for archived images and data, process exception items, view reports, or download extract files. For more information about the MavBridge™ for Lockbox, please visit the Wholesale/Retail Lockbox Industry page at                                                                                                                                 

Mavro Imaging provides end-to-end payment processing, data capture, and document management solutions, with particular focus in lockbox solutions. Mavro’s services range from complete system design and implementation to consultation for improved operational efficiency.

Mavro Imaging’s approach is based on gaining a full understanding of a customer’s needs. In turn, the Mavro solution team presents a wide range of possible processing and configuration options. The result is a combined Mavro / Customer team collaborating to optimize and implement the best possible solution.

A collaborative approach, exceptional service, and innovative technology. That’s the Mavro Advantage!

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