News | June 16, 2016

Mavro Imaging Announces Canadian Expansion

Mavro Imaging

New personnel and targeted technology are aimed at meeting Canada's unique needs

Westampton, NJ – June 16, 2016

Mavro Imaging, a leading provider of lockbox, remittance processing, and document imaging solutions, has announced a strategic expansion plan for the Canadian marketplace. Mavro has had a presence in Canada for several years with customers in a number of different industries: financial, insurance, publishing, and large service bureaus. And now that Mavro has established an extremely strong record of growth in the US, the company is looking to augment that momentum by expanding its Canadian customer base.

“The unique collection of technology and features offered on Mavro systems positions us well for delivering exceptional solutions to Canadian clients,” said George Hayduchok, Mavro President. “For example, our years of experience working with Check 21 in the U.S. means that we easily adapted to Canadian ICL Electronic Bank Deposit. And our systems include features specific to Canadian deposit, such as the ability to handle post-dated cheques.”

Notably, Mavro hired Amanda Hales-Filey to be a dedicated Sales Executive for Canada. Amanda is a Canadian native with many years of experience in the remittance processing, lockbox, and document imaging industry.

For organizations that do business both in the U.S. and Canada, Mavro’s advanced technology and expanded Canadian focus enables the delivery of seamless solutions that handle cross-border payments without the headaches of the past. If you would like more information about how solutions from Mavro can benefit organizations located in both Canada and the U.S., please visit the Mavro website.

Mavro Imaging provides end-to-end remittance processing and document imaging solutions, with a focus on lockbox and service bureau solutions. Mavro’s services range from complete system design and implementation to consultation for improved operational efficiency.

Mavro Imaging’s approach is based on gaining a full understanding of a customer’s needs. In turn, the Mavro solution team presents a wide range of possible processing and configuration options. The result is a combined Mavro / Customer team collaborating to optimize and implement the best possible solution.

A collaborative approach, exceptional service, and innovative technology. That’s the Mavro Advantage!

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SOURCE: Mavro Imaging