Case Study

Less Paperwork Leads To More Accuracy, More Reliability And Greater Efficiency


KHAFRA Operation Services, a Georgia corporation, is a full-service contract operations firm offering numerous operation services for both public and private sector clients. Since incorporating in 2004, KHAFRA has grown to 33 employees delivering expert operation services to municipal, state and federal clients for infrastructure solutions, deployment services, facility management and project  management.

Beyond serving the needs of its clients, a significant segment of KHAFRA’s business consists of large-scale deployment, installation and inspection of water meters including Mobile Meter Management and meter automation. To be competitive, KHAFRA must be able to install meters faster and cheaper than their competition, while also delivering 100 percent accuracy and reliability in the field.

KHAFRA realized that one key barrier to success was paperwork.

Processing and transmitting data on paper was not only slow and inefficient, but  it was also costly for the company and their clients. Furthermore, paper presented a high-risk for human error or illegibility, lacked data validation or compliance checks and could easily get misplaced after job completion. In a word, paper was inefficient.


Here’s how Field2Base has helped KHAFRA transform its business and grow:

  • Serial codes are entered correctly
  • Field notes are legible and easy to understand
  • Visibility is improved by collecting photos, digital signatures and barcodes
  • Use of installers and meter maintenance employee time is maximized
  • Instant verification of GPS coordinates
  • Errors and ‘re-keying’ are issues of the past
  • Lost/broken equipment, as well as incomplete or failed work orders, are easily tracked

A major advantage of Field2Base is Analytics — which has allowed KHAFRA to gain business intelligence after a job completion and more effectively strategize for the future. In a separate external analytics dashboard, KHAFRA’s customers can see, in real time, how a project is progressing.

Using Field2Base, KHAFRA can now complete more work orders per day per technician. Orders are prefilled with meter data and other key installation data. Field data is then sent to an online secure database which is created and tailored to each customer’s specifications. Further, work order data is validated onsite to immediately address issues, dramatically reducing operational costs.

To learn more about Field2Base products and how they’ve helped KHAFRA, click here.