White Paper

Legal Applications Of A2iA DocumentReader

Source: A2iA Corporation

Legal teams worldwide often face the prospect of having to sort through mounds of paper documents, looking for particular relevant pieces of information. The need comes up across the board in legal practice: during the process of discovery, in performing due diligence in advance of mergers or acquisitions, in investigatory proceedings and in the redaction of privileged information prior to the release of documents.

Traditionally, scouring these documents has been a long and exhaustive manual process, often requiring engaging paralegals on an hourly basis, diverting crucial internal resources or outsourcing the task to a third party. Great strides have been made in similar searches of electronic original documents, as the data is by nature simple to index by competent e-discovery or enterprise search systems. However, even these advances hit the wall when presented with images of paper documents, particularly those that do not follow a predetermined, standardized format or contain handwritten information.

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