News | January 27, 2009

Laserfiche Conference Focuses On Going Enterprise-Wide With Electronic Document Management

The hot-button topic at the 2009 Laserfiche Institute Conference? "Going enterprise-wide," as CEO Nien-Ling Wacker put it in her keynote address: expanding sales and systems from document management to business process management.

How?"Make IT your sweetheart," Wacker said. The flowers and chocolate? Workflow and integration with Microsoft products like SharePoint, as well as named user licensed ECM solutions Rio and Avante.

"We've turned the monster of integration into a teddy bear, we've got the support of the Laserfiche community, now our challenge is to become IT's sweetheart in 2009," said Wacker.

Inspired resellers were fortified by the strength in numbers of the Laserfiche community—and the 107 sessions of case studies and product demonstrations.

"I found the ‘Integrating Laserfiche with SharePoint' session gave me really valuable tools to present to customers, so that they are maximizing their investment in both systems," said Harvey Burgess of the U.K.'s R&B Document Solutions Ltd. In the session, PDP Manager Alex Wilson detailed how an integration with Laserfiche can extend SharePoint's functionality—a benefit that was hammered home when one systems administrator said that he was looking to integrate with Laserfiche as an alternative to the $8000 per-desk fee he was quoted for his thousand SharePoint users.

Another hot button topic was the named user licensing model of Laserfiche ECM solutions Rio and Avante. "I was ecstatic to hear that Rio has been amended to include Laserfiche users, as opposed to every user needing an AD account," said Ken Woychesko of Canada's Tanis Technical, Inc. "This will actually allow me to sell Rio in the pharmaceuticals market, as pharmaceutical companies have strict rules about adding AD accounts for non-employees, but they do use a lot of contractors, like us."

Roula Chehab of Lebanon's BMB sal shared the enthusiasm. "The Conference was like a roadmap to offer enterprise-wide solutions to any size organization," she said. "We work with a lot of financial institutions with different branches in different countries with different installations, and I can sit down with them and offer one system that can do everything, from disaster recovery to Web Access and Workflow."

SOURCE: Laserfiche