Laboratory Services For Cleanroom And Controlled Environment


Our chemical-analytical laboratory has in-depth knowledge in the field of air and water analyses for clean environments. Many years of experience with chemical contamination analysis make our laboratory a competent partner in terms of cleanliness investigations.

State-of-the-art analytical equipment combined with approved and validated analytical procedures ensure reproducible and reliable analytical results. A high quality control of processes and outcomes is guaranteed to our customers due to our ISO 9001 certification. Moreover, our complete quality management system ensures maximum transparency. In this regard, our customers appreciate our reliable analyses as well as our excellent services.

Key Facts

  • Total laboratory space: 470 m²
  • Team: Chemists, laboratory assistants and technicians
  • Available cleanroom space up to ISO class 3
  • Ultra-trace analysis in ppb to sub-ppt range
  • Particle detection in air and liquids