Laboratory Glassware Washer With Dryer: PG 8535

Laboratory Glassware Washer With Dryer: PG 8535

Laboratory glassware washer with integrated hot-air drying unit and drawer for two supply containers. For reprocessing laboratory glassware used in analytical experiments in industry, environmental and research laboratories, biology and pharmaceuticals. This machine features freely programmable Profitronic+ controls allowing the compilation of user-specific programs.

Capacity per load
4 DIN mesh trays, 1-2 MIC Sets or 48 two piece GYN-Speculae
37 narrow necked flasks, 96 pipettes, 1600 test tubes

90 cm wide

External finish
Stainless steel (AE)

Freely programmable PROFITRONIC+ controls with wide range of programming options, user-specific programmes, 4-line display with user navigation in local language, A0 controls
PROFITRONIC+ controls with 17 standard cleaning and disinfection programmes, 15 service programmes, 30 vacant programme slots
Automatic mobile unit recognition
Spray arm control monitors spray arm rotation, protects against loading errors and a build-up of foam in the hydraulic circuit

Inorganica, Organica, Standard, Universal, Intensive, Plastic, Oil, Pipettes, Disinfection, Special, Sanitizing, Mini, DI-Rinse, Drying

Process documentation
Network interface for process documentation
Serial printer interface (RS232) for process documentation

Cleaning technology
Hygienic freshwater system with water change after each cleaning phase
Thorough cleaning via 2 spray arms (3rd spray arm in the upper basket)
Optimally allocated spray nozzles and selectable spray arm rotation for the best possible cleaning result
Injector system for thorough cleaning of hollow instruments

Standard features
4-fold filter system with flat filter, coarse filter, glass shard filter and micro-fine filter
Flow meter counter for control of water intake
2 spare sensors for temperature monitoring and control
Peak load cut-out

Wash cabinet
Wash cabinet made from high quality stainless steel

Circulation pumps
High performance circulation pump Qmax. 105 gal/min

Dispensing systems
2 integrated dispenser pumps for neutralising / cleaning agent
1 connection for dispenser module DOS G10 for liquid cleaning or neutralising agent
Drawer for 2 x 5 litre containers

Water softener
Profi monobloc water softener

Steam condenser
Efficient aerosal steam condenser

Integrated hot air drying unit
Fan: 0.3 kW, heater bank: 2.3 kW, total connected load: 2.6 kW, air throughput: 55 m3 /h, temperature adjustable in 1°C increments: 60-115°C ,time adjustable in 1 minute increments: 1-240 minutes, preliminary filter EU4, filtration rate >95%, filter life 100h, particle filter/Hepa filter H13, filtration rate >99.992% (DIN EN 1822), filter life: 500h

1 x cold water (CW)
1 x cold water for steam condenser
1 x Hot water (AW)
1 x AD water (AD)

2 drain hoses

Electrical connection
3 AC 208V 60Hz
Fuse Rating [A]: 3 x 20
Total Rated Load [kW]: 6.0
Heater Rating [kW]: 5.4

Optional Accessories
Dispenser modules for liquid media

Dimensions / weight
Dimensions H/W/D [inch]: 32/35/28
Weight [lbs]: 251