News | December 14, 2021

KWizCom Corporation Announces Partnership With WY Technology

Mississauga, ON (PRWEB) - KWizCom, a leading developer of SharePoint Forms, Workflows and numerous other no-code SharePoint add-ons and apps for Microsoft 365 (SharePoint Online) designed to expand Microsoft SharePoint, is pleased to announce they have joined forces with WY Technology.

WY Technology is global IT consulting firm that provides private cloud solutions ERP and BPM managed solutions. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in California, USA.

“WY Technology teams up with KWizCom to leverage SharePoint BPM tool set for both On-prem and cloud customers,” says Sean B. Woods, the Managing Director and President of WY Technology.

WY Technology and KWizCom will collaborate to deliver Microsoft SharePoint based various add-ons and apps for SharePoint Online to their mutual clients.

“We are happy to welcome our new partner WY Technology and are confident that this business partnership will take both companies to new heights”, adds Nimrod Geva, the Product Group Manager of KWizCom Corporation. “We look forward to a continuous and fruitful collaboration”.

Partnership with KWizCom enables the organizations to reach new customers with innovative, cutting-edge products, resulting in increased sales and profits for both parties. Joint activities, a special discount program arrangement with sales incentives, training, licenses for KWizCom products for internal use, technical support, sales and marketing support, and much more are available to KWizCom registered partners. KWizCom has a standing partnership invitation, and anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to visit the KWizCom website.

About WY Technology
WY Technology was founded in 1999 to assist organizations in leveraging technology to improve their business process management goals. In 2006, the company began providing outsourced national managed IT solutions, ERP, hosting, and cloud services. WY expanded internationally and added audit and assurance services in 2012. WY Technology now supports their customers in EMEA, Asia PAC, North America and South Africa.

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About KWizCom Corporation
Since 2005, KWizCom has provided innovative solutions and services to make SharePoint even better for over 10,000 companies worldwide. KWizCom is a leading provider of over 70 various add-ons for SharePoint On-premises and apps for Microsoft 365. KWizCom is a Certified Microsoft Partner headquartered in Mississauga, Canada. Visit company’s popular SharePoint blog page to learn about Microsoft Teams, Power Apps, how to use SharePoint, its benefits and versions history, the advantages of SharePoint HR site, how to create effective SharePoint governance plan and many other topics.

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