News | July 23, 2007

KeyMark Unveils Check Depositing Solution e-posit


KeyMark Inc, a document management systems integrator is pleased to announce its new electronic check depositing system, e-posit.

KeyMark's e-posit is a stand alone electronic check deposit solution. The e-posit system is capable of accepting check data for pending deposits by reading a check's amount and front and rear images. External applications are able to allow trigger processing. The system has the ability to limit maximum number of transactions per input file and can generate Image Cash Letter (ICL) files in Federal Reserve, bank specific and clearing house specific formats.

The system is also able to translate return ICL transactions for rejects and Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) into text and images so other systems can take action on the items. e-posit converts these returns into standard text and image files to feed workflow and accounting systems thus facilitating efficient and timely resolution of return transactions.

KeyMark's e-posit will save companies time and money. No more going to the bank to physically deposit checks. Now money can be deposited into accounts without someone ever having to leave your desk. According to Mike Alls, KeyMark's Business Strategies Manager, "this new product rounds out KeyMark's solutions to leverage Business Process Management (BPM) and maximize overall value." All in all, this is an exciting new product for all of KeyMark's clients.

About KeyMark, Inc
KeyMark is an award-winning document capture, management and workflow systems provider founded in 1996. They combine cutting-edge technology and innovative minds to create customized solutions that resolve today's business issues and anticipate tomorrow's. KeyMark has helped clients increase efficiencies and decrease operating costs in various industries including: healthcare, accounts payable, insurance, lending and human resources. KeyMark is headquartered in Liberty, SC with offices and affiliates in Columbia, SC, Indianapolis, IN, Lancaster, PA, and Harrisonburg, VA.