News | September 16, 2020

Jewelry Inventory Is Simplified With SimplyRFID; Jewelers Can Conduct A 100% Inventory Count In Just Minutes

Jewelry is among some of the most challenging items to inventory. Reading a tiny SKU (stock keeping unit) on an equally tiny price tag is painstaking work and leaves a lot of room for error. For many in the industry, scanning a barcode is the only realistic solution, despite its inefficiencies. SimplyRFID, a leader and innovator in inventory management and supply chain technology, is introducing the technology of RFID to the jewelry industry, modernizing inventory capabilities and saving jewelers unbelievable amounts of time which would otherwise be spent on the laborious task of manually inventorying possibly thousands of pieces of jewelry.

SimplyRFID has the perfect tool for jewelers, the Wave jewelry inventory app. Built for fast and visually appealing inventory management, leveraging the power of RFID, all it takes is tagging the jewelry with an RFID price sticker. Once tagged, everything can be instantly inventoried, several times a day, if desired. Assuming it takes five seconds to scan a barcode, taking an accurate inventory of 5,000 items can take up to seven hours; RFID can inventory items at a rate of 10 items per second, reducing the mammoth task to a trivial 15 minutes.

The accuracy with which RFID provides jewelers also helps to reduce losses as a result of theft. RFID allows for the monitoring of inventory in real time. The use of antennas concealed within the display case allows store owners to know precisely when items were removed or returned from the display, further helping to reduce the potential losses.

With RFID, a single jewelry store employee or owner can confidently and accurately open and close their shop in just three to five minutes. For larger stores, multiple Wave handhelds can be used for even more time savings.

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Source: SimplyRFID