ISAC (Intelligent Service Automation And Control)


Rethinking Field Service

Automate more tasks with our flexible, configurable AI platform

Streamline Your Field Service Operations With ISAC

Intelligent Service Automation and Control (ISAC) is the eyes, ears, and algorithms that analyze your organization’s past and present to help you win in the future. Whether it’s triggering a preventive maintenance workflow based on real-time equipment health or recommending a stock transfer based on historical data, ISAC empowers you to solve your organization’s most pressing problems before they occur.

  • Increase Asset Uptime
    Avoid unplanned downtime by monitoring asset health in real time and automatically triggering proactive work orders.
  • Increase FTFR
    Make sure technicians always have the right parts on-hand with intelligent scheduling and real-time trunk stock monitoring.
  • Decrease MTTR
    Complete more tasks with powerful AI technology that assigns the most qualified technician and automates routine tasks.
  • Reduce Costs
    Drive operational efficiency by monitoring the performance all field teams and assets, then automating best practices.

Build Exactly What You Need With a Flexible, Configurable Platform

With ISAC as your foundation, you can easily build AI solutions for the use cases most important to your organization. You determine the scope, criteria, and threshold for AI recommendations, and ISAC takes it from there. Prevent SLA breaches by automatically reassigning jobs when a technician is running late. Cut job completion time in half by coordinating stock transfers en route to jobs, and reduce truck rolls by triggering IoT devices to self-service at the first sign of trouble. The possibilities are endless.

Recommendation Center: Intelligent Automation, With You in Control

ISAC observes what’s happening in the field in real time, and recommends the next best move. Monitor each AI-driven recommendation as it comes in and choose which ones you want to act on. ISAC either immediately implements the recommendations you accept, or suggests you take some sort of action.

Streamline All Efforts With Seamless Integrations

Every data point from every source matters. That’s why you can seamlessly connect all your critical systems with ISAC, using our ever-growing number of APIs to bring all your data into one centralized location. Simplify processes rather than duplicating them, and ensure AI recommendations are based on accurate, comprehensive insights.

Powering Your Success at Scale

ISAC is always running in the background, observing user actions and system events, then learning and adapting to optimize processes. By pairing sophisticated automation with agile adaptation, ISAC lets you deliver truly touchless field service and exceed your business goals, today and in the future.