Guest Column | September 9, 2015

Is Your Corporate Information Gridlocked?

Corporate Information Gridlock

By Tim Vellek, SVP, Marketing, Ricoh Americas Corporation

It’s a paradox: Information is power, but too much information makes you powerless. Unfortunately, too many organizations today are being rendered powerless.

Information today is far outstripping our ability to consume it, a problem that costs the world nearly $1 trillion a year. In this new world of work, we seem to possess either too much business information or, equally frustrating, we can’t get our hands on information we know is “out there” somewhere.

Although technology can help us better manage large information volumes, our collective efforts in this regard often miss the mark. What we’ve lacked until now is a clear conceptual framework around the information management challenge, the solution, and the benefits that various technologies contribute toward business results. Ricoh believes this framework should be information mobility.

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