News | March 27, 2019

IRIS Launches His Newest, Innovative Document Camera Scanner, The IRIScan™ Desk 5

Delray Beach, FL (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - IRIS, transforming documents to knowledge with OCR software and style-driven scanners, has just launched the newest and innovative document camera scanner and visualizer on the market, the IRIScan™ Desk 5. Exclusive, unique hardware is combined with intelligent scanning and sorting software in a solution that takes ID and document scanning to the next level!

IRIScan™ Desk 5 is an attractive, sleek lightweight device, ideal for use in a home or office setting, as well as being portable enough for travel. It is faster, more accurate, and easier to use than smartphones to digitalize, convert and edit documents, books and IDs to edible text. Easy to use and quick to install, this sleek and attractive lamp is Plug & Play and compatible with all operating systems.

IRIScan™ Desk 5 is equipped with a self-time shooter that can be set at 3/5 or 7 seconds when scanning large volumes of files and documents, with smart book page turning detection to optimize operating time. The exceptional quality obtained captures tiny details and small text from any paper material. Scanned items can be saved as compressed PDFs or exported to Word file and even sent directly to an e-reader.

IRIS software advantage…
IRIS also creates OCR technology integrated into the scanner. Information from scanned documents and IDs can be extracted, sorted and saved into the format of choice (text, CVS, Microsoft Excel) for a meaningful data collecting experience, with all privacy standards met.

For everyone…
The IRIScan™ Desk is designed to make scanning and data collection easy. Ideal for everything from books to business cards, invoices to IDs, the applications are endless. Tourism offices, fitness centers and accountants will benefit from data capture, sorting and storage. Classrooms and meeting rooms can use the visualizer function to share messages and documents directly with their audience, and the real-time recording makes it easy to share or live-stream products or objects being presented with sound.

IRIScan™ Desk 5: Documents/books/video up to A4
IRIScan™ Desk 5 Pro: Documents/books/video/barcode reader/id passports scanning up to A3

About IRIS:
IRIS (Canon Group) is a leader in Information Management and offers a full range of innovative technology solutions, products and services.

For 30 years, the IRIS experts have successfully supported customers around the world and helped them to overcome their main business challenges by using solutions for Digitization and Capture, GED and Knowledge Management and Digital Transformation.

IRIS helps its clients by providing consulting services, research and development expertise and technology.

The company is headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium) and serves more than 30 million consumers. These include public organizations (Ministries, European Union), international companies, local businesses and SOHO users. As a technology company, IRIS has built a vast ecosystem of innovation, technology.

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Source: IRIS (Canon Group)