Case Study

Intelligent Scanning Solution Selected To Fulfill $6.7 Million HMRC Digital Mailroom Contract

Source: ibml
Scanning Solution

EDM Group, a leading BPO is utilizing ibml’s unique inline intelligent capture to speed up and streamline the processing of over 20 million pieces of mail per year.

Over 1,200 customers use EDM Group services, including some of the best-known and largest companies and public-sector organizations in the UK and USA. EDM Group has been providing information management services and solutions since 1974.

Early in 2014, EDM Group announced that HMRC awarded it a three year contract worth £4 million (approximately $6.7 million). The contract is a key element of HM Government’s “Digital by Default” strategy, which will involve digitizing, indexing and managing over 20 million pieces of inbound mail coming from individuals, businesses and intermediaries each year.

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