News | November 11, 2008

Intelligent Document Recognition At The Document Scanning Device

Momentum Prague -- eCopy, Inc. is showcasing technologies that combine intelligent document recognition (IDR) and front office document scanning devices at the EMC Momentum Prague 2008 Conference from 10 to 13 November. eCopy will present IDR solutions that enable organizations to cope with enormous volumes and varieties of paper-based documents, shorten "time to value" of information, and reduce the IT burden of supporting multi point solutions.

eCopy will show conference attendees how the EMC Captiva Dispatcher and eCopy solutions start the dynamic document capture process at the document imaging device, either a scanner or multi-functional device (MFD). As a result, documents are classified, data is extracted and validated before it enters the corporate network or content management system.

"Organisations are able to leverage eCopy alongside EMC solutions to capture and process paper documents and forms in a simple, efficient, automated way, before delivering content into business applications and processes," said Alan Cornwell, eCopy general manager, Europe, "When our solutions are used together, the two life-cycle processes are merged to create a single policy, which reduces cost, increases productivity, and significantly enhances security."

At EMC Momentum, Owen Kilbane, eCopy business development manager for EMEA, will present a session titled "Distributed Capture Platforms - Reducing Costs, Removing Bottlenecks and Mitigating Risk." In this presentation, Kilbane will discuss strategies that take advantage of MFDs and scanners already in place, enabling organizations to deploy capture technologies to remote offices and reduce manual document handling processes. The Momentum session will take place on 12 November at 5 pm.

"Distributed capture enables organizations to reduce their operational costs associated with moving, storing, retrieving, and managing paper-based files, as well as substantially accelerate business processes," said Chris Preston, Senior Director, Content Management and Archiving, EMC Corporation. "We are pleased to be working with eCopy as we are both committed to helping organizations leverage distributed capture technology to make a real difference in the way work gets done."

In addition, eCopy's solution increases the useful lifespan of previous capital investments; for example, corporate networks, MFDs and content management systems, by enhancing their functionality. This helps justify marginal costs and ROI calculations associated with adopting end-to-end distributed capture solutions.

Direct Integration into EMC Software

EMC Captiva InputAccel Connector for eCopy ShareScan® -- Office workers can scan documents directly to EMC Captiva for processing from an MFD or scanner. The Connector provides one integrated solution for all document capture devices.

eCopy Connector for EMC Documentum Content Manager -- An application with "Documentum 6 Ready" designation from EMC that delivers distributed document scanning and routing capabilities from eCopy ShareScan to Content Manager, enabling organizations to bring documents once stored outside electronic workflows into their ECM system.

eCopy Connector for Documentum ApplicationXtender (AX) -- The Connector provides distributed document scanning and routing seamlessly from a MFD or scanner to AX, enabling any office worker to authenticate and store documents directly to the appropriate repository.

eCopy Software Developer's Kit -- A software toolkit that enables corporate and third-party developers to create applications that bridge the gap between paper documents and business software, enabling office workers to easily add paper directly into electronic workflows and business processes via an MFD or scanner.

About eCopy, Inc.
eCopy™, Inc. is an innovative provider of open and flexible solutions that transform paperwork into paper that works. With more than 75,000 units of eCopy ShareScan sold, eCopy is the market leader in MFP document imaging software. eCopy customers include GE, Time Warner Inc., Yahoo!, Nissan, Verizon Wireless, BP, Sprint, General Motors, Siemens, Cisco Systems, SAAB, and Sony Corporation. eCopy, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the United States, with subsidiaries in Japan and the UK, offices in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia. For more information, visit or join the conversation at eCopy's Document Imaging Blog at

SOURCE: eCopy, Inc.