Magazine Article | July 1, 2003

Increased Scanning Capabilities Drive Sales

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

A high-speed scanning solution allowed a litigation support services company to increase throughput by approximately 700%.

Integrated Solutions, July 2003

In just one day, a scanning solution allowed information management consulting and litigation support services company InfoEdge Technology (Austin, TX) to scan approximately seven times the amount of pages it was previously scanning. InfoEdge's primary business is centered on litigation support, so the law firms and corporations that are often InfoEdge's clients work on a strict production deadline. At times, InfoEdge clients need millions of pages scanned in a matter of weeks. Because throughput has been improved by approximately 700%, InfoEdge has the ability to take on more jobs and complete the work in less time.

Leasing Option Is For Integration Insurance
With a scan speed of 6,000 pages a day, InfoEdge's previous scanners could not keep up with the demands of the company's customers. "Our former scanners were not built for pushing high volumes of documents through the imaging process in a short time frame. The scanners were very accurate, but not ideal when a customer would call and request 1 million pages to be produced in a six-week time frame," says Bob Dove, manager of the document processing center at InfoEdge. To handle its customers' needs, the company would split the workload with a partner, or if the request was flat-out unrealistic, InfoEdge would turn down the proposition. These business practices resulted in lost business. So, the company began looking for a scanner that could handle customer requirements.

After researching several scanning solutions, InfoEdge chose BancTec (Irving, TX), Inc. for its scanning solution. Two BancTec S-PRO 180s were implemented, along with one Input Accel server and two Bell & Howell 1000FB scanners. A leasing agreement gave InfoEdge the opportunity to test the scanners in its environment. Because Input Accel software does not support the ISIS (images and scanners interface standard)-compliant BancTec scanners, InfoEdge faced integration challenges. Working with BancTec, InfoEdge made the appropriate changes to the driver, enabling the system to be up and running in two days. After the one-month sales cycle was complete in January 2003, InfoEdge decided to lease the scanners for a 90-day test period at a price of $7,000 per scanner. Because the payments on the leased equipment can be used on a later purchase of the products, InfoEdge had the opportunity to test the scanners without taking a financial risk.

Scan 45,000 Pages A Day
After four hours of training on the BancTec scanners, InfoEdge was ready to accept a client's challenge of scanning over a million pages in four weeks. Because InfoEdge gained the technology needed to scan 45,000 pages a day on average, it was able to complete this project on time and gain additional business from it. "While we were on-site, another department manager from the same corporation was there and saw the efficiency at which we scanned documents. The manager wanted to implement this document management solution for scanning contracts in another department. With this additional business and two other jobs stemming from it, what started as a four-week job turned into a three-month project," explains Dove.

He believes doing the work on-site gives InfoEdge a competitive advantage. "If we shipped the contracts back to our office to be scanned, chances are we would not have been offered the jobs in the other departments," Dove says.