Article | March 11, 2013

Increase Productivity And Lower Operational Costs With Innovative Solutions From OPEX

Source: OPEX Corporation

OPEX® Corporation Understands Efficiency

We are in the business of helping your business increase productivity while lowering operational costs. Our innovative solutions are designed to address the tough workflow challenges your business faces.

OPen and EXtract

OPEX began in 1973 with a simple question: “How can we help our customers open mail more efficiently?” From those humble origins, OPEX has evolved into a global corporation that delivers workflow excellence and process improvements that span from the mailroom to the warehouse. Every product we make, and every innovation we develop, is designed to increase our customers’ productivity, improve accuracy, and deliver significant cost advantages. What began with mail opening and extracting has grown to include document processing and material handling – everything from individual, single-piece items ranging in size from envelopes, documents and checks all the way through 60-pound payloads.

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