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Improve Field Service Productivity With Mobile Forms

iOS Field Service Enterprise Support

Paper-based workflow – yesterday’s choice

Mobile technology has changed the way people do their jobs. Businesses engaged in field data collection are increasingly recognizing the importance of integrating mobile technology into field worker operations. Businesses who are still relying on paper-based manual processes face a number of productivity challenges:

  • Illegible handwritten paper forms are vulnerable to loss or theft
  • No rich media capabilities (images, sketches, sounds, voice annotations, scanned bar codes and more)
  • An antiquated paper-based system makes the company become less attractive to younger employees
  • Manual processing of paper-based forms is a time-consuming and error-prone process
  • No embedded geo-stamps and time stamps to prove where and when an inspection was performed
  • High costs. An AIIM survey estimated that paper-based forms cost businesses $4.56 per document/form
  • Delays in invoicing, service delivery and order processing which can lead to costly breaches of Service Level Agreements

Once a company has decided to upgrade to a mobile solution for collection and sharing field data, there are a number of solution components to consider. This white paper will guide you through the many options.