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Impact Systems launches Print Server™ Feature To Its Print Control Services™ Solution To Accelerate And Effortlessly Manage Bulk Printing In GxP Environments

Impact Systems adds a new feature to PCS

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) - Impact Systems Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software tools and services, today announced the availability of a new Print Server module used in conjunction with its product Print Control Services. PCS Print Server enables a simple, easy distributed controlled printing experience for users helping to reduce time and effort.

With this announcement, Impact Systems simplifies the complexity of high-volume printing and printing of large size documents. PCS Print server is compatible with EDMS on premise or in the cloud and can be implemented either at each business location or as a centralised unit for certain geographical locations to ensure bulk printing is done with less time and effort. Additionally, it allows end users to share the controlled printing load of documents maintained in an EDMS from an individual computer to a server as and when appropriate. Printing via a server can be useful in a customer environment where:

  • A large number of users are printing large volumes (>10) and/or large size documents (i.e. documents with graphics, images, tables, etc.)
  • Network bandwidth load in the facility or region is very limited to accommodate desktop printing load.

Implementation of the load balancing and completed print / reprint actions with notifications to the system administrators ensure an easier, more flexible, and fast printing environment without tying up the system which allows additional operations within PCS to be performed.

PCS Print Server is a standalone or shared server located where the network bandwidth bottleneck is observed and is used in conjunction with PCS, i.e., Controlled Print Services™ and/or Issued Print Services™. All printers that are potentially used in printing must be installed on the Print Server which has a dashboard to monitor the print spool queue and potentially restart the failed prints, if any. Print server uses a printing process that improves print speed and accuracy while maintaining integrity and is GxP compliant.

Impact Systems understand the complexity in printing and managing huge print records and has leveraged its 25+ years of domain expertise to build a solution that enables companies to simplify, effortlessly manage and execute prints in their own print server from a localized environment.

“We are excited to deploy PCS Print Server for customers who faced a lot of challenges in bulk printing where they may have had to do it in multiple print operations. PCS’ Print Server provides customers the flexibility to print large documents in a single print operation” said Mangesh Honwad, CEO of Impact Systems. “Customers now have an opportunity to take advantage of PCS’ Print Server to deploy localized print server in their units.”

Key features of PCS Print Server include:

  1. Maintains compliance of printing quality documents to ensure data integrity (21CFR 211.192, 211.194, 212.50, and EMA Guidance GMP).
  2. Maintains an audit trail of the printing process.
  3. PCS’ Print server is capable of printing documents with “follow me” printer concept.
  4. Centralized print management that allows system administrators to manage all print devices from a central console.
  5. Distributed GxP Printing with streamlined operations.
  6. Print any document from anywhere to any location.
  7. GxP printing can be connected to any or all DMS (for instance, MasterControl™ or M-Files® or Documentum™ or Biovia Qumas®) of your choice.
  8. High security as a print server allows total control over who can print what and where.

A large pharmaceutical company with 80+ global manufacturing sites reported this added feature has made the overall Controlled & Issue Printing tool much stronger than the current system and is now one of the very few pharma organizations which has implemented such an advance solution for Controlled & Issue Printing.

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