News | August 24, 2016 Technology Integrated Into New Acceler8 App

New Orleans-based tech company,, announced their integration into the new revolutionary app, Acceler8

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) New Orleans-based tech company,, has had their ID scanning software development kit integrated into the Acceler8 application.

With the help of’s unique licensing solution, the Acceler8 app allows powersports and auto dealerships to collect useful data. It provides an innovative approach to securing valuable information about their current and future customers, all while making it a fun and interactive app for riders, drivers, and dealers.

An expert in powersports and automotive marketing, Scott Petinga, of The Scott Petinga Group said the partnership was a positive move for the industry.

"Acceler8 is our revolutionary new product that creates a dynamic way for dealerships to connect with their customers more effectively as part of the sales process. Our proprietary app coupled with's integrated SDK is just what the industry needs,” Mr. Petinga said.

Denis Petrov, CEO of, said that ID scanning technology is becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of industries because of the need to quickly obtain accurate data.

“The ID parsing SDK integrated into the Acceler8 app can read the digital data from the magnetic stripe and 2D barcode of a driver’s license. The technology does not even require an internet connection,” Mr. Petrov said.

“We’re finding increasing interest in ID scanning, and are proud that our technology is incorporated into this amazing application,” he said.

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