ibml SoftTrac Synergetics: Post Scanning Intelligent Document Recognition

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Many organizations incur high costs and slow turn around times by having to manually index document types and metadata. Much of this operational cost can be reduced and turn around times can be improved by using SoftTrac® Synergetics.

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SoftTrac Synergetics is an intelligent document recognition solution that quickly classifies documents and extracts metadata automatically from forms such as invoices, mortgage and tax documents, loan packages, insurance applications, healthcare insurance forms and medical records. SoftTrac Synergetics is not just designed to process scanned images, but will also handle multi-channel input streams such as email attachments, fax and existing image repositories.

SoftTrac Synergetics improves business outcomes in document-intensive applications to help users:

  • Repurpose headcount
  • Eliminate the need for separator sheets
  • Accelerate document preparation
  • Speed processing turnaround
  • Achieve more accurate results that are consistent and auditable
  • Track performance from scanning to export to ECM

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