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SoftTrac® Capture Suite delivers the robust functionality required in today’s increasingly complex capture environment.

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The Right Solution for Today’s Capture Challenges.

  • Eliminate software click charges
  • Avoid expensive legacy upgrade and maintenance charges
  • Capture any type of paper or digital document
  • Reduce document preparation and manual paper handling
  • Accelerate delivery of information to downstream systems and processes
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and optimum data security
  • Centralize management and control of all your scanners

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SoftTrac Capture Suite provides a comprehensive end-to-end capture solution. Its powerful modules enable organizations to standardize document scanning from ibml ImageTrac® , TWAIN and ISIS compatible scanners, automate document classification and data extraction during and after scan time, capture documents from other sources such as email, fax, mobile or MFPs, centralize the operational administration and control, and analyze performance throughout the capture workflow.

SoftTrac Capture Suite delivers efficiencies and process improvements far greater than those provided by any other scanner software on the market. With its unique inline intelligent document capture capabilities, SoftTrac Capture Suite stands apart in shared services, digital mailroom and enterprise scanning environments that use a rules-based approach to minimize downstream exceptions.

SoftTrac Capture Suite provides these business performance improvements through:

  • SoftTrac Scan
  • DocNetics®
  • SoftTrac Quality Control
  • SoftTrac Validation
  • SoftTrac Synergetics
  • SoftTrac PostScan
  • SoftTrac Analytics
  • SoftTrac PostScan DocNetics

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