News | August 12, 2008

IBM Introduces Enterprise Content Management Software

IBM has introduced new enterprise content management software, IBM eDiscovery, for its clients to meet legal discovery requirements.

The new IBM eDiscovery solutions is expected to extend IBM's enterprise content management software platform to enable organizations to proactively take control of electronically stored information across the enterprise, helping to reduce eDiscovery costs and improve responsiveness to litigation.

According to IBM, the new software will allow companies to move from scattered, point-solution approaches to a disciplined approach that controls electronic information, helps support Federal Rules of Civil Procedure compliance, manages risk and delivers ongoing operational benefits.

The new eDiscovery software integrates with IBM's auto-classification and records management technology to help IT departments manage information for compliance and electronic discovery requests. IBM eDiscovery software also integrates with IBM's content-centric business process management capabilities to help organizations standardize, control and automate legal discovery workflows and enable third-party components.