News | September 10, 2009

i-Squared Announces Sharepoint InSites: A New Learning And Reference Portal For Microsoft SharePoint

i-Squared, Inc., a Pittsburgh based consultancy specializing in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has made learning SharePoint a lot easier with its launch of SharePoint InSites.

Sharepoint InSites is a comprehensive support portal that provides all of the information an organization needs to fast track employees into the world of SharePoint. It includes a series of "how-to" and "why" podcasts for different user roles and experience levels, common FAQs, a comprehensive Wiki defining all the SharePoint jargon, an area for group collaboration, and much more.

"We see a strong need for organizations deploying SharePoint to have a self-service support site for their employees so SharePoint skills can be learned across the organization. We see deployments fail because employees and Site Owners are not properly trained. This causes an excessive burden on IT staffs. Plus, employees remain unaware of the most valuable functionality of the tool and the business loses out on ways to become more efficient and innovative", said Joyce Query, CEO of i-Squared.

Sharepoint InSites can be custom branded by an organization and installed in their SharePoint environment or it is available as a hosted service. Query added, "our objective with Sharepoint InSites is to provide a comprehensive library of SharePoint tutorials that can be configured according to the needs of an organization. Clients using the service can enable or or disable specific content as the organization's needs evolve."

Sharepoint InSites will be available on October 1, 2009. Contact Bernie Hockswender at 412-321-8217 for more details.

About i-Squared
i-Squared is an Information Technology consulting company specializing in intelligent Enterprise Content Management. We help clients understand how information, and the ways they manage it, can positively impact their business to meet evolving markets and achieve corporate objectives.

Our principal focus and expertise — and what drives our client's success — is not technology, but the CONTENT itself: its quality and viability; how to structure, index, and catalog it; and how to best engage people, processes, and portals in putting it to use.

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SOURCE: i-Squared