Hydroverse™ Water Meters

Sensus Hydroverse

Sensus Hydroverse™ water meters deliver industry-leading accuracy, flow range and low-flow sensitivity for commercial and industrial potable, reclaimed and raw water applications. Using proven electromagnetic metering technology, the Hydroverse meter is ideally suited to capture revenue from large commercial accounts, enable district/zone metering and measure export or raw water flow.

Benefit from the ease of programming, flexible communication, data storage, power supply options, configurable alarms and minimal head loss provided by this smart commercial water meter.

Benefits to you

  • Wide flow range for greater application flexibility
  • Superior low-flow accuracy, even for raw water
  • No moving parts minimizes wear and prolongs meter life
  • Ease of programming with user-friendly mobile application
  • Minimal head loss ensures consistent accuracy
  • Internal verification for enhanced meter accuracy assurance