Case Study

Hydrotech Discfilter + BioCon®: One Plant, Two Solutions


The Western Wake Partners constructed the Western Wake Regional Water Reclamation Facility (WWRWRF) with the region’s future growth in mind. The facility is located in North Carolina’s Research Triangle region, a part of the United States that has seen tremendous residential and economic growth. The plant, operated after construction by the Town of Cary, treats to strict nitrogen and phosphorus standards for both permitted discharge to the Cape Fear River and for reclaimed use at the plant. The WWRWRF produces a Class A, exceptional quality biosolids.

The WWRWRF’s biological treatment process is an advanced five-stage process for biological removal of nitrogen and phosphorus followed by secondary clarifiers. The clarified effluent flows by gravity to the Hydrotech Discfilters. The downstream disinfection process is UV. Sludge is dewatered with belt filter presses and then dried with Kruger BioCon dryers. The final Class A end product is sold and transported off-site by an outside vendor and applied as an agricultural soil amendment.