Article | June 11, 2018

How To Increase The Value Of Your Mail Center

Source: OPEX Corporation
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In most companies, the mail center operates behind the scenes. Mail arrives at a facility and the team works hard to sort and deliver this mail to employees across the organization.  However, most people outside of the mailroom don’t understand the whole process or even what happens between when mail arrives at the facility and when it lands on their desk — as such they may miss the added value they could build into, and receive from, their mailroom.

Digital mailroom technology removes this cloak of invisibility and gives organizations a better view of exactly what type of information is flowing into the company and where it can be best put to use. Digitization also improves efficiency and accuracy in mail delivery in ways that can have ripple effects across an entire company.

A prime example: Once mail arrives at the mail center, getting it to the intended recipient is not always a straightforward process. Employees may have left the company or changed office locations or job responsibilities. The mail may not have the correct address.