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How Innovative Field Service Organizations Are Planning For The Future Today

The Future Of Field Service

The field service management (FSM) story is a continually morphing one that bridges many complex human interactions, evolving user needs, and shifting technology paradigms. It has weathered repeated generational changes in terms of who the key players serving the industry are (e.g., on both the supply and demand sides); what the prevailing usage patterns are in terms of technology deployments and trends; and what FSM functionality is preferred today vs. what will likely be preferred tomorrow – and beyond.

It has survived all of the various iterations and acronyms that have been used to define the current and emerging state of services management, and it continually deals with the onslaught of new solution providers, users, and functionalities that are constantly redefining the industry. But, most importantly, FSM tools continue to support a growing base of global field services organizations and their customers who are continually raising the bar with respect to expecting an optimal customer experience.