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How eClinical Flexibility Leads To Study Success

How eClinical Flexibility Leads To Study Success

Each clinical research initiative is unique, bringing its own set of requirements and challenges to the table. Each of these individual differences may, on the surface, seem relatively small and therefore unimportant. However, if ignored or overlooked, they can quickly add up and have a significant negative impact on the success of your study. Why? Because overall costs can increase. Because stakeholders can get frustrated and confused. Because study time-lines can be missed.

The following are just a few recent examples of how iMedNet™, MedNet Solutions’ ultra-configurable and cost-effective eClinical technology platform, has been deployed to address a variety of unique, real world research requirements:

Business Challenge 1
One site’s research coordinators wanted to receive an email for each new monitor query, since they didn’t want to log in every few days to check for new queries. Other sites, however, didn’t want to be inundated with email notifications for every query placed.

iMedNet was configured to only send query notification emails to those researchers that wanted them.


  • Each site’s unique work-flow preferences were addressed, keeping them focused and productive.
  • Each research team was kept happy, and thus willing to participate in the sponsor’s future studies.

Business Challenge 2
An oncology study employed a series of highly complex, interdependent, frequently changing and often confusing chemotherapy treatment regimens.

iMedNet’s Dynamic Grid functionality was configured to ensure each patient automatically progressed through the appropriate protocol-defined therapies.


  • Protocol compliance was enhanced since iMedNet simplified patient treatment management by translating complex therapy pathways into a logical and easily-understood linear format.
  • Data collection was simplified and data quality was improved, since researchers were only asked to record information specific to each patient’s current regimen.

Business Challenge 3
A study’s CRO wanted an efficient means to analyze real-time study data captured within iMedNet using the CRO’s proprietary reporting system.

iMedNet's Web Services API was configured to automatically extract data from iMedNet and securely route it directly to the CRO’s proprietary system.


  • Time and costs associated with manual data extraction and data uploading were eliminated.
  • The CRO’s established reporting workflows and processes were supported without costly workarounds.

Business Challenge 4
A sponsor needed to improve monitor efficiency and reduce overall monitor-related costs.

iMedNet's Monitor Trip Report functionality was configured to centralize, standardize and streamline data collection while automating follow up task management.


  • Monitors saved 1.5 to 2 hours per site visit by eliminating inefficient Word®- based report templates.
  • Trip Report data was available in real time for in-depth analysis and easy reporting.
  • Trip-related action items were automatically assigned and tracked to ensure timely completion.

Business Challenge 5
A triple-blinded study required a quick, efficient and unblinded process for medication assignment by pharmacists.

iMedNet was configured to maintain required blinding across the study (including reporting, audit trails and downloadable datasets), while providing participating pharmacists with email alerts, a streamlined user experience and unblinded randomization information.


  • Pharmacists were pleased with the prescribing efficiency and simplicity made possible by iMedNet.
  • The study’s strict blinding protocol requirements were fully addressed.

In clinical research, the little things can end up being incredibly important. So make sure you’re able to take care of all those details and requirements by leveraging a technology solution that’s flexible enough to work the way you need it to.

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